How long to sync a non-supporter vs supporter account?

I did an activity on Runkeeper yesterday morning and it didn’t sync with CityStrides until late at night/the next morning. I’ve also done some other activities this morning and they’ve not synced yet.

Is this normal for a non-supporter account? (I.e. for syncing to take 12-24 hours)

I read in a post on here that supporter accounts are given priority in processing. How much does this speed up syncing?

My runs are synced with Citystrides pretty much instantly.
(I use Garmin to record, which is synced with Strava, which is synced with Citystrides)

This page will tell you some information about how long to expect. There are things that don’t get captured by these, but it is a place to start:

CityStrides Status

Runkeeper doesn’t have alerts like the other services do, so I set up a recurring job to ensure that everyone’s Runkeeper account gets a sync once per day.

Supporters get a Sync Now feature, which lets them save an activity in Runkeeper & choose “Sync Now” from the top right menu to fetch it immediately.

Supporters also get priority in the background job system for syncing, processing, and LifeMap generation.


So it’s once a day for non-supporter Runkeeper accounts? Ok, that explains it! Cheers