How far do you live from your closest unfinished street?

I am actually doing this. :grin: I’ve run (nearly) everything within 2 miles of my house but still want to create new purple lines on short runs so I swapped my bike out to flat pedals. I ride out, lock my bike, strap my helmet to my hydration pack, run, get back on my bike, ride home. :bike: :running_woman: :bike: Built in cross training!


after 12 cities, i have to drive some miles (up to 25 minutes one way) to get runs in nowadays. It seems my CS times are coming slowly to an end. Only maintaining 100% of the existing cities. (Or moving to another place)

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Careful, I’m coming for you…

Was pretty nice running in Newport over the weekend, much warmer and flatter than Boston!

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What about walking? That activity, and hiking, also import to CS.

I’ve walked a number cemeteries…Very peaceful.

Oops, forgot to answer the question. 6.8 miles. Just moved to a new town (Granbury). Was in Keller.

My personal goal is to run the streets. (No judgement on others who use CS differently.)

I did walk the cemetery I mentioned, because its larger paths were listed as CS streets, and I was aiming to complete that city.

I’m now about 3 miles (6-mile out-and-back) from my closest node.


Heck yeah, love company. Till you get back, we’ll keep NPT demoralizingly windy and overpriced, keep exploring!


I’m a slow walker and have had to either take a bus or now drive for quite a few months after it started to take me 30 minutes to get to a new street. Now it can take me 30 minutes to drive to a new area due to the extent of the city boundaries and increased traffic. Absolutely loving this obsession though and I’ve discovered so many amazing places in my city. Just 595 streets left to go, not that I’m counting (much!). Not sure what I’ll do with myself when I finish though ….


Just looking back at how my map has evolved a little over a year later…I am now 6mi/9km from my closest nodes to each of the southeast, northeast, and northwest (just a few hilly river villages left!), and…10mi/16km to the closest nodes to the west :sweat_smile:

Been doing a lot more one-way runs and calling for a ride home after!!

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I am 5 miles to the closest none. But leaving and area for when I need stuff closer to home. Otherwise I am 10-20 miles from closest nobes for north, south, and west.