How does CityStrides rank strider finishers?

Just curious here. I’m working on hard mode in Seattle, WA. I achieved completed in Seattle a couple of years ago and have been amongst the handful of other 100% (regular mode) finishers. How does citystride rank those who are all #1 and 100%. Is it most recently finished? Will hard mode finish nail me to the top?!? Haha!


It currently only sorts by percent complete, so any sorting beyond that e.g. multiple people at :100: is internal to the database

Does that mean you removed the magic?

Which magic are you referring to?

Just saying hi, as I’m also nearing 100% in Seattle on Hard Mode :slight_smile: It’s been a fun ride!

Hi! It’s been great fun watching everyone’s progress over the years! Congrats. It’s a big accomplishment.

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You described it as ‘internal database magic’ in previous post I quoted. Was /s wondering where the magic went.


I don’t think so… But I came here looking for this answer too, as if there was some order amongst those who have completed a street, it seems quite random.

for databases in general:
“internal database magic” meaning “dunno how it works”, not as in “secret recipe”, which aligns with what James is saying.
see: mysql - Why do results from a SQL query not come back in the order I expect? - Stack Overflow

so: the tiebreaking order is random, unless it’s told how to sort them… and although it’s random, it’s not necessarily a different random order each time.

this also means that for each 100% finisher, there is at least one possible query in which their name is returned at the top of the list! the more folks have finished a city, the longer it might take to get the desired random order.