Hide highway label markers

The markers pointed at in the image seem unnecessary. I understand having them when zooming in much more, so they don’t need to be removed entirely, but I’d rather not see them at these zoom levels.

Reasoning: much like the country/city names (which tbf I’d also rather not see covering my lifemap like that), these highway markers just obscure your lifemap for no gain. When I go to the lifemap page I want to see the lifemap, not other map cruft.

When/if those labels do appear, I think it would fit better under rather than above the lifemap too.

I have one map style for all maps displayed throughout the site. I’d have to create/maintain a fully separate map style just for the LifeMap page in order to treat that differently. So this request of dropping the highway labels at certain zooms will need to be applied throughout the entire site.

I’ll need to get a sense of where this zoom cut-off is for you (and others) … I think the “easiest” way of determining that is by:

  • visiting your LifeMap page
  • zooming all the way into a highway label
  • zooming out until you get to the point where you’d expect it to disappear
  • at that point, you can copy the URL of your LifeMap and find the # in there … everything to the right of that indicates lat,lon,zoom, and that zoom value would help me update the map style
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Adding to this, I wish there was a way to disable (or remove at a certain zoom) all labels. So one could easily zoom out and see all runs across the globe, kind of like this:

This would also require runs to be visible at the furthest zoom out no matter how short. Which might be a complelely different (maybe more trivial?) change.

I was able to replicate close to the zoom level that Ward was at , so that I could provide myself some context to my region. This zoom level would cover most of the Northeastern US . I would expect to just see the major highway markers, which it does. It is moderately important to provide context of location.

Is it possible to be able to toggle labels on/off same as you have with the cities/town borders (which is fantastic)