Hendersonville TN

I updated the settings for several “roads” which are private driveways for Hendersonville TN in the OpenStreetMaps website. How often does Citystrides update their maps? Thank you.

FYI If others are interested, the best way I found to remove private driveways from public roads is to delete the appropriate nodes. Please advise if recommend otherwise. It was not clear how to change the settings of sets of nodes to private while not leaving the road segment to “Public”.

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I’m sorry, what? Please don’t go deleting things from openstreetmap like that. If it isn’t properly tagged as a driveway, then tag it as such. If it is private, then mark it as private with the appropriate access tags in OSM, this will trickle down to citystrides. If it doesn’t exist, then you can delete something.

Edit, or you actually seem to be talking about nodes? Then I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Please provide an example of what you did in OSM.


I made the corrections as suggested with driveways or portions of road that become driveways changed to “ownership=private”. There was a road that was deleted as it does not exist (looks like it was an old farm road that fell into disrepair and is no longer maintained and hasn’t been for quite a while and is impassible).