Hendersonville TN update

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Can someone update the Hendersonville TN map? I should be at 100% and have attempted numerous times over the last couple of months to have the issue fixed in OSM: there are 5 nodes on Inlet Pass that are actually a private driveway.

Thank you.

Have you made the edits in OSM, or do you need someone to make those edits for you?

If you need edits made, I would suggest sharing OpenStreetMap links which place the map view over the street in question. This makes it much easier for people to jump in and help - they don’t have to go searching for the places you mention.

I have submitted it to osm 3or 4 times and it’s still not been corrected properly. I made the directions myself but someone went in and reversed it. I don’t want to have to run on someone’s private driveway to complete Hville

If you want more people to chime in, it helps to actually link to the relevant parts, as James suggested.

As far as I can tell, you are talking about this way. Also as far as I can tell, you went into OSM and just deleted it entirely. This is never the way to go and will always result in someone reverting your change. There is clearly a road there.

Now, looking at the aerial imagery combined with your heatmap, can you confirm there is a gate (perhaps with a private sign or similar) at the point I marked on this image? Edit: I also had a look at Sumner County’s property map which also shows the public road stopping more or less around that point. So I reckon your assessment is indeed correct, but your approach to the problem was not. Please do still confirm or deny my question for completeness sake.

What can be done in that case is:

  1. Split up the way at that point, then
  2. Mark that node at the split as being a gate, finally
  3. Mark the way beyond the gate as being private.

This would then be a correct representation of the situation on the ground, which is the only thing OSM mappers are concerned with. It also has the added benefit for you of removing that part of Inlet Drive from CityStrides.

If you can confirm that the situation is as I described, I can make the OSM edit for you.


I attempted to resolve this issue as directed in OSM. I made the changes multiple times in different ways which were reverted each time by the same user without explanation. I was able to update other streets in Hville for this similar issue as well as others.

I am trying to improve the accuracy for the sake of citystrides and the running community. My experience here is that the responses here are not supportive and are hypercritical, which will not encourage participation and growth/usage and membership.

The osm link: Way: ‪Inlet Drive‬ (‪240276940‬) | OpenStreetMap

The pictures show where I stopped running which is clearly where the road ends and driveway begins.

As I pointed out, none of those edits were the correct approach to resolve the issue. The other user reverted your incorrect changes.

OpenStreetMap exists for the (mapping) community at large, not for CityStrides and not for the running community. I had a look at your other OSM changes and several others had been fixed up by the other mapper after you came in and made incorrect edits. He even commented on one of your changesets, but you did not reply. OSM is not our personal playground and scrolling through your changes, it seems I will have to spend time later to go fix some more of your mistakes, since you seem unwilling to listen.

I had explained what you did wrong and how to do it correctly, that is called constructive criticism. You take it in, you learn. I at this point more feel like an OSM representative here, clamouring for integrity of the map. Feel free to point your unfounded anger at OSM nerds such as myself rather than CSers.

As for Inlet Drive, someone else and I cleaned it up for you. You’re welcome.