Help adding Moyock, NC

I tried following directions on here, but I’m a bit confused. Ha. I requested an account from slack, but got this notification:

“There’s been a glitch… We’re not quite sure what went wrong. You can go back, or try looking on our Help Center if you need a hand.”

I am looking to request Moyock, NC into citystrides! I just moved here and I loved doing citystrides back in my hometown!

Is this the Moyock you’re looking for? Way: 315220228 | OpenStreetMap
If it is, then I can get that added this evening.

You replied to me via email that:

Moyock NC is bigger than just that.

And you shared this link to its accurate map:,n,township%20of%20moyock,id,3705392176,cfips,053.cfm

City creations in OpenStreetMap are well outside of my capabilities. It’s possible that someone else in the forum can help, though, so I’ve moved this post out into its own thread.

The correct source for boundary data in the US is the latest annual TIGER/Census Bureau shapefiles. I just did a bunch of cleanup in North Carolina, but there’s quite a mess of old boundaries there left to clean up. Moyock, NC is: Relation: ‪Moyock‬ (‪14922639‬) | OpenStreetMap

Hi Brian!

Thanks so much for looking into this. There’s a section of Moyock that’s missing. The hwy to the left of the boundary you have is also included. I live off of it, so I recognized it was missing. :upside_down_face:

The county has an interactive map and it took me forever to find the boundaries.

I was not able to find the boundary screen-shotted above. Can you give steps?

It appears that the location circled above is outside of the Census Bureau’s boundary of the Moyock CDP? Note that CDPs are separate from postal addresses.

okay i finally dug into this.

So that was the boundary line that was proposed to get added to moyock officially. but it didn’t go through. So we are part of “moyock township” instead.,n,township%20of%20moyock,id,3705392176,cfips,053.cfm

Are we able to add a township of moyock somehow so it includes everything? Otherwise there are areas that don’t roll up to anything on the citystrides map.

Thank you!!

It would be far better to do a systematic update of North Carolina municipal boundaries, and not a one-off addition of a single township. To do that, we’d need a legally-compatible source of the geometry data so they can be added. Boundaries aren’t something normally drawn by hand.

A better place to discuss how to fix NC’s boundaries (since I assume it’s a statewide problem in OpenStreetMap) would be the OpenStreetMap US Slack server,, at the channel #local-north-carolina where the work can be coordinated with local mappers there that are more familiar with the available data sources and legal situation.