Have Single-Activity Syncing Work with Paused Syncing

Problem: Someone who has most of their activities come from a single source like Garmin may occasionally want to import just one Strava activity (perhaps recorded on a phone). Right now there is a method to do that with Single-Activity Syncing under Settings, but it requires unpausing Strava syncing which could potentially put a lot of activities other than the one of interest in the queue.

Solution: Activities added via Single-Activity Syncing in Settings should be added to the queue without requiring unpausing the Strava syncing.

Additional thoughts: this same logic could be applied to other services in the future as well, so that CS users can have one main service syncing and just add other activities as needed without potentially bringing the same activity into CS from different sources (Garmin + Strava would be common) only to have one be discarded before processing due to the identical activity start times thereby wasting API calls.

Alternatively, you can always export activities from any tracker to .gpx files, then re-load it to whatever system is connected to CityStrides.When I do that it takes ~1min.


Hopefully I would never need it, but I like the idea. The phone reference is a good one. For example, I inadvertently leave my Garmin at home, and find myself in a really cool area for collecting nodes.

Would be cool to record via the Strava app, and manually upload that one activity later, since the interface is already here, without having to mess with un-pausing (and the wait), or with GPX files (not that it’s that big of a deal, if you had another service).

@davemorin, In my case I only have Strava and Garmin, so I don’t have an alternate upload path, or am I missing something? Thanks

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I mean that in any software (that I know of), you have the ability to export an activity to a .gpx file. So say you record an activity in the Strava app (without Garmin), you can later log on to the Strava website (desktop version), navigate to the activity and export the .gpx file to somewhere on your computer.

You can then manually upload that .gpx file to your Garmin account, again using the desktop version of the website, and it will be loaded into CS no problem.


@davemorin Thank you for the clarification. I took a closer look and do see the option to download at Strava and upload at Garmin. Very cool. Still a lot to learn.

Might try a small run to try that pairing out. :+1:

PS. Congrats on top weekly spot for most completed streets, and third on most in a month. Very impressive!

Voting and bumping this idea topic because it’s about to become very useful to me - I am a Garmin user with Strava paused, but I have some days with multiple activities where I am going back and ‘cleaning up’ the GPS drift and reuploading the activities. But now I’m worried that I won’t be able to (re)upload more than one activity from a single day with the Garmin single activity upload format as it currently is.

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Back to note this fear was unfounded, but it would still be more convenient for me to use a separate paused integration for single-activity syncing.

I think I have another use for this feature. A buddy of mine mainly rides a gravel bike. His Garmin is bike specific (he said it is the lowest tier model), and as such, does not have foot-based activities. He does not have a Strava account, and is unlikely to get one.

He could still stride with it, but the activity would not be one that syncs.

So if he could edit his Garmin activity, prior to syncing, he could change (I think) the activity to the proper type.

BTW, my buddy showed quite a bit of interest in becoming a Strider. He’s also an app developer on the Android platform.