Hard mode per city

I have a proposal:
Switch/unswitch to hard mode per city.

I have done 12 cities to 100%. 2 have a few official streets that i can’t change in OSM, but won’t never run to secure my life. So i won’t gt thoseto 100% in hardcore.
I would like to have all those other cities in hardcore mode, because i think i am fairly 100% even then.

Why can’t you change them in OSM? If they are not possible to run, shouldn’t they be Foot=no?

It’s official a public road, the postman would deliver post there. But a runner like i am, would not go safely in that street because of the people that live there and the dogs they have. I am in for 100% running, but i won’t take all risk to achieve that. So no editing in OSM since officially it’s public.

But for what ever reason one should have to not run everything, i would like to switch to hardcore per city

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OK, I see…

I totally get what you are saying. I had to mark a few oads complete for some weird reasons. Like 1 that had a median and 1 side has a sidewalk and otherside doesnt with no shoulder and 55 mph traffic not going to risk my life if u really did run it. I have 21 cities done and i couldn’t do hardmode for a reason just like this.