Halloween Challenge

Some friends suggested a silly thing to celebrate Halloween, so I kinda hacked it together…
Nightmare RUN, where every street is Elm Street

I only updated the street names on the map. If I have some free time before Halloween, I might try to adjust the street lists in the challenge itself so they’ll also only display Elm Street. If I have even more free time, I might look into more design adjustments in the map … blood-red streets, etc :rofl:

Oh, and if you’re unfamiliar: A Nightmare on Elm Street - Wikipedia


Popping this up to the top of the list, since it’s getting close to the 31st.

We aren’t automatically entered into Challenge: Nightmare RUN - CityStrides - You’ll have to join from that page.

On the 31st, wherever you are in the world, run/walk as many streets as you can that day. Everything counts! Previously completed streets are eligible in this Challenge, so if you have a favorite 100-street route get on it! :rofl:

Cool! Mapbox posted it on Instagram

It was fun to change the map style just for Nightmare RUN

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The map looks great. Awesome new challenge for Halloween. Hope everyone is having fun out there!! :ghost: :jack_o_lantern: :skull:

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