Groningen is double

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Groningen, the most beautiful city in the Netherlands is shown double. There seems to be a copy of the city in Germany (Deutschland), unfortunately that is our neighbour country :slight_smile:

See: (the wrong one, which can be deleted in my opinion)

This is the correct one:


It looks like the entire Region is a duplicate. Is that correct?

So it looks like I should delete Region 263 … can you confirm?

I think these are two distinct cities that share a name but are incorrectly merged into one in Citystrides. The “proper” way would probably be to have Gröningen, Germany and Groningen, the Netherlands as two cities, but if it is easier to remove one it should be 263.
Interestingly, something similar sometimes happens at street level within cities, where two streets with the same name, but at opposite ends of the town share the same set of nodes.

Yeah, Wikipedia agrees:

I have a few in CityStrides:
Gröningen, Germany
Groningen, Germany
Groningen, Netherlands


For the street issue, yeah, the only way I’ve figured out how to import Streets from OpenStreetMap into CityStrides is based on their name … So if two streets in the same city share a name, then it’s one Street in CityStrides. I haven’t figured out a way around this, yet.

Deleting Groningen, Germany should resolve the issue.
The streets thing is not such a big deal for me, at some stage we have to run them all to get 100% anyways, and there are not enough of them to throw off the % complete figures by much…

Hi James,

I was just looking at the Groningen thing again, and I noticed a similar duplication for Midden-Groningen, with one in the Netherlands and one in Germany. I don’t think that the German one exists in real life, and “view on map” shows a point in the Gulf of Guinea, so maybe another one for the deletion queue.

Found a few more:
Aachen 69348 and 133842 (dupe)
Euskirchen 70096 and 134180 (dupe)

When the more important work of getting everybody’s runs back up is done it might be worth looking at the Germany data import more generally. Many large cities are missing entirely (München, Bremen, Stuttgart), while some two-street villages in the middle of nowhere (with 0 striders) are included, like Jenalöbnitz, Thüringen. I don’t know if there are enough striders in Germany to make it worthwhile spending time on this, but there does seem to be a systematic problem somewhere.

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I also think this is the correct option, thanks for your help!