Graph of evolution in # completed streets

It would be nice to be able to see a graph with how your number of completed streets evolves over time: are you progressing linearly, are you slowing down?

Even better would be to get a graph per city in which the striders are compared to each other. This can encourage some competition as it will be much clearer if another strider is progressing much more quickly, or it can give some insight in at which street count other striders are leveling of in the city.

I maintain something like this for myself because I wanted to see a visualisation of how I was catching up to the leader in my city. Since the race can take months or even years in bigger cities it would definitely be cool to have the historical evolution. Once the city has been completed the graphs could be normalised as “days from first run” (or signup date to CS, whichever is later) so that there is still a useful comparison to make.

I started doing this too, and then I realised that nobody else seemed to be targeting my city, so I a had a free run at it! :joy:

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