GPS vs nodes

I saw a similar post back in July 2017, but I couldn’t figure out if the question had been answered.

I’m definitely not getting a 25 m radius along my GPS route, as it frequently shows that I’ve missed roads that I’ve clearly run - the GPS looks like it’s maybe a few feet off the road, but certainly not 25 m.

Are there any ways to fix this other than buy a more accurate GPS than my Apple Watch/iPhone? Thank you!

I’m not an Apple person, but I wonder if there is an accuracy setting?

Or maybe the OSM data is off?

I am having the problem pretty consistently across multiple areas of at least three towns, so I’m guessing it’s more me than OSM. I’m surprised an Apple Watch doesn’t have good enough GPS to get at least close enough to the nodes. So I figured I’d check just to see if anyone else had encountered this or had an idea. But anything is possible! I appreciate your thoughts!

You could get an account on runkeeper. There you can so upload gpx tracks. And in runkepr you have te possibility to adjust the track to the real time situation. After downloading the corrected track. You have a correct pgs to send to citystrides via the connected way

I tried Runkeepr. It is incredibly slow and tedious to move each tiny dot, but I’ll keep trying to see if I can get a single run done and re-sent to Citystrides to see if it’ll catch a few of the wrongly-missed nodes. But my original question, I think, still stands. @JamesChevalier, is there some reason that my routes aren’t processed with the 25 m radius that is supposed to be written in to the code? Thanks!

This was kind of interesting… Sounds like Apple is off.

At that link is a link to: Calibrating your Apple Watch for improved Workout and Activity accuracy

Hope that helps.