GPS issues

Anybody else getting this. This is my Suunto trace from today. First half accuracy is fine, then trace goes way off!

GPS issues with Suunto and Garmin will happen unfortunately. I’ve had issues when battery is low, sometimes in really stormy weather, or if there are really big trees or buildings around. Keep in mind there will be times when your signal is interrupted as there are only so many satellites around.

Sometimes this happens for lots of possible reasons. There are ways to correct a gps track to be the actual real life presentation of your run online or by downloading mostly java based tools. (and if you misuse this for any way for getting more then you actually did. Who cares, you only are fooling yourself)
So browse the WWW, there’s enough to find for this kind of mishaps

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@richwarne2003, that’s the exact story I was thinking of. I’ve seen it mentioned in these forums before.

That link now has the following, and some additional advice:

Update: As of Sunday morning this should be resolved, however, you’ll want to ensure your GPS has fully synced before heading out, and it doesn’t hurt to give it a few extra mins outside before pressing start.

Oh snap, that text is now displayed in the original link pre-display above! Well, in case you missed it.

The hour long ‘soak’ in my back yard fixed the issue. And apparently according to the trace my watch moved 133 foot on it’s own!