Got to 12,000 streets twice recently having lost about 100 streets

Recently I got to 12,000 streets - hoorah!

Then noticed after a run yesterday I was just below 12,000 again. Think the leaderboard was showing about 12,095 on Friday so must have lost about 100. I did quite a few yesterday and again today (almost 100) and now my total is 12,084.

Is anything stuck or has there been some reanalysing of streets?

City updates are happening 24/7, and reflect any change in OpenStreetMap since the last update. If you had previously run a bunch of streets that were then marked private, that could cause your total count to decrease.

I also had some lingering counties in the UK that I finally got around to deleting. The areas had the smaller cities, but none of the nesting was properly set up. So those all counted as double.