Gone from leaderboard after site change

I’ve been leading in Northampton MA (/cities/8) for a number of months, but on Saturday, after completing a few more streets (from 76% to 77%), I noticed I had vanished from the list. My personal profile shows properly: Hilary Caws-Elwitt - CityStrides. (I’m using RunKeeper if that helps.) Thanks!

Ah, I see - that’s a bit of a bug, but in the opposite way that you’re reporting it. :smile:
I don’t think that link should have worked for anyone that’s not you & your list of cities should not have appeared on your profile page. Those issues are fixed up now.

There were recently new privacy settings added to the site, so people who are completely private will not appear throughout the site. I think your account likely has the location privacy set to ‘Just Me’.

The privacy settings are split into two areas:

  • There is one for Activities themselves. This applies to whether anyone will see any of your activities at all.
  • There is one for location data. This applies to maps, completed/progressed streets, running cities, and the leaderboard.

There are three options for the Activity/Location privacy setting:

  • One is ‘Everyone’, which makes your account completely public.
  • One is ‘Just Me’, which makes your account completely private.
  • One is ‘Per Activity’, which makes each of your Activities have its own setting.

Let me know if these settings are good for you, or if you feel like there should be more choices (for example: no activity maps, but being listed in the city page is ok).

Gotcha - makes perfect sense. Thanks, James!

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