Global ranking

I’ve not been on CS for a while, as mix of confinement, travel restrictions and injury has reduced my running to a few km around my home.
So when I came back recently, happy to see lots of new features. Nice one, James!
For the global ranking that appears on everybody’s profile, is there a way to see the ranking table. To be clear, I can see I am ranked nth, but I’d like to see the complete table so I can see who is in my sights to catch up, and also look over my shoulder to see who is catching me.
May not interest everybody, but does me :slight_smile:

It’s in development “secret work-in-progress leaderboard”

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I finally figured out a way to not make it perform like you’re asking someone in a burning building to make you tea …
There’s a ton left for me to do before actually releasing this, but it’s at least a bit usable now.

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Looks good :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
But the “filter by country” will hopefully be updated to show the actual person with most streets in that country.
I suspect this might be a data intensive process, so perhaps it could be some static stats, that are calculated only once a week or month ?

Right now it’s still global rank and then it filters people out by whether or not they’ve ever run in the filtered country/region/city. Which is objectively wrong. :laughing: :sob:

I have to much more work to do on this page. :sweat_smile:
:man_shrugging: Every time I’ve shown something a bit early in the forum and got feedback, it has ended up being way better because of everyone’s input. So, thank you! :smiley:


Maybe a denser presentation would make sense for the ranking? Having a simpler one-line-per-strider table layout would make it easier to compare striders without having to scroll too much, and would make it possible to show more striders on one page.

12 to a page also makes it harder for arithmetically challenged folks like me to find the correct page for a particular rank :sweat_smile:. Going with 10 (or 25, 50) per page would make it easier, alternatively, some “ballpark” links could be added near the pagination button to get people to the right neighborhood.

It would also be nice if the lifemap links were grayed out for those striders that don’t share theirs.

Looking forward to seeing what the finished article will look like, it’s definitely been fun making my way up the rankings since that feature was introduced :smile: