Global completion percentage

Some of the global challenges got me thinking about this.

I think it would be really cool if there was a statistic somewhere that shows how much of the world (or how much of the public streets within city boundaries) all CityStrides users have run collectively.

So basically, if you took everyone’s LifeMap and overlaid them all, what would our percentage of completed streets be for the entire world? Entire continents? Entire US?

Obviously a global LifeMap would be wayyyy too much to render. But just a statistic that gets re-computed once a day would be pretty cool.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

Cool idea. I like it. It would be a global heat map for all Striders!


I love this idea. I like things that enhance the community aspect of CityStrides more than the competitive aspect.


I agree and really like this idea. Also, maybe a map for Nodevember would be great to see all streets completed for this citystides community event. I think its awesome that we have runners who have ran in 86 countries according to the live updating dashboard.

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@dljamet_1999 Love it. Rendering a map for all users’ Nodevember or Global Running Day runs sounds awesome.