Glasgow: a city without aboundary

I am learning a bit about the development history for this awesome site, and trying to find answers to some questions before I ask something too obtuse! With that in mind, am I correct to say that Glasgow (Scotland, UK) was one of the cities that was added ‘manually’?

i.e. as per the comment in a (now closed) discussion thread quoted above.

When I view the city in the website, I see no boundary |(which is a shame, but something I can live with!).


Ah, thanks, this happens sometimes - I should be able to fix this either later today or tomorrow

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That’s awesome, thank you!

Hi James. Sorry to pester, but I was wondering if you’d had a chance to look into the Glasgow boundary issue yet? :slight_smile:

I’m due to be visiting again soon, and I’d love to see where the ‘edges’ are so I can plan my runs effectively.

Thanks for everything you’re doing!

sorry for the delay - I don’t know if it didn’t work back then or if I just forgot :sweat_smile:

Fantastic, I see it now. Thank you!

I’m working on a city that also does not seem to have a boundary - Richmond, Virginia. Is it possible to have the boundary added? I have had to cross-reference different city and neighboring county GIS maps to verify boundaries prior to runs. Sorry if this is not a good place for this question, but I was not sure if it warranted its own post in the forum. Thanks.

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The boundary needs to be added to OpenStreetMap. From what I understand, that’s much more of a project than the edits I feel comfortably doing.

(All I do on OSM is road tweeking. Changing access. Adding and deleting small segments. Etc.)

@kmillikan should be all set now

this was just a weird thing in CityStrides code or someone else fixed the border since my initial import

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Thanks! Looks great on my end.