Garmin's GPS Issues

Starting on January 1, 2021, Garmin’s GPS units have had significant issues with their mapping. This doesn’t affect me on this site (other than creating paths that are woefully inaccurate in areas I’ve already run. However, I wonder if there’s a way to permanently delete a run from this site if it crosses into areas that a runner doesn’t want credit for.

If you go to an activity’s page, under the weather there is a Delete button.

Very interesting. Any idea why this is? Searching next…

As an aside, my recent traces from my Garmin Foreunner 235 do not look any less accurate than my pre 1/1/21 traces.

It appears that many of the devices which use Sony’s chip set did not get a proper update file. It affected more than Garmin devices.

Perhaps your 235 uses older, non - Sony chips. Or you were lucky; not all devices were affected.

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Well, today my run was WAY OFF with the gps. Luckily i had a backup app on my phone registering the run. Otherwise, 40+ streets without gps track. So, i can confirm that Garmin (my fenix 6 at least) has issues since recent

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Yes, I think that’s exactly it!

I ran nearly 40 new streets on New Year’s Day and my trace was off (offset by exactly the same amount all the way around). Was quite frustrated by it and did some research and have now resolved it thanks to an amazing little tool called WTracks. If anyone has an activity that they need to move (i.e. the whole thing is just offset), I was able to drag mine to the right place using the WTracks tool. Link here WTracks - it’s a simple load up of your gpx file, drag to the right location, and save. You can also do other editing etc if needed, but it was perfect for my needs.