Garmin Sync

How do I get my past runs to sync from Garmin Connect?
I signed in with Garmin, it says I have a sync in the queue.

Yeah, it’s working.
Garmin sync is quite slow, and I don’t know if it’s fully recovered from their recent downtime.

The way it works is CityStrides requests activities within a period of time (currently set to 2 weeks), and Garmin responds with acknowledgement of the request (not the activities themselves) … at some time in the future (unknowable by CityStrides) Garmin sends the requested activities.
That process is repeated (CityStrides requests another 2 weeks of activities every 30 minutes) until we get back to 2004 (Garmin suggested this as the earliest possible activity date).

So, I used Strava, and it worked instantly. However, it’s like a new account. Doesn’t show my contribution as a supporter, and I cannot use my email address, because it says it’s taken.
Any way to merge those?

Oof … yeah, I have to add some kind of “if you already have a CityStrides account, connect new services in your Settings page” message on the sign in / sign up pages … so many people do this

I’ll need the link to both accounts & I’ll likely need you to log out of the Strava-connected account so that I can merge all that data into your Garmin-connected account

10-4. I’m logged out of Strava connected account. Please provide next steps.

Thank you!

Can you confirm whether these are the two CityStrides accounts? and

Yes, those are correct. Garmin loaded my run from this morning, but that’s it.

ok, that merge is running now

Thank you, sir!