"Garmin states that this is a duplicate request."

So, I’m pretty new on here, and I’ve been trying to find information on the syncing process, but while most of my questions have been answered, there is still some confusion regarding the message “Garmin states that this is a duplicate request.” that appears when I try to sync single Garmin activity.
I’ve been missing a few activities from last weekend. Some synced when I used the single activity syncing, but in several cases, only one activity from a day when I had two or even three activities* actually appeared and now I get that error message if I try again.
So, I’m looking for confirmation really. Does that message mean my activities are properly queued and it’s just a matter of patience, and if so, what’s a reasonable amount of waiting time? Most of my past history has been added as far as I can tell, and the “missing” activities should all have been considered “new” when they were done.
I’m aware of longer waiting time for syncing for non-supporters, which sounds fair, but given that this is a thing for me I’m not sure how to tell if I should just wait longer, or if there’s an actual error with only the first activity of the day syncing quickly and the rest not appearing even if it’s been a week.

*I track my walks as well as my runs with Garmin; I don’t go running three times a a day :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be grateful for a response even if it’s just “chill out and be patient”, because at least then I’d know from here-on.

Garmin somewhat-recently changed their API … They only allow activities to be requested once, which results in this message. I can contact their support team to manually push activities through - to do that I need your CityStrides profile link and the specific dates for missing activities.

Garmin automatically alerts CityStrides of all saved activities, so you shouldn’t have to manually sync them. I can’t recall offhand if they retry the alerts if they fail for some reason, so if they don’t then I could see the alerts being missed if there happened to be CityStrides downtime when that was sent.

CityStrides ignores activities that aren’t running/walking/hiking (specifically running, street_running, track_running, trail_running, ultra_run, hiking, walking, casual_walking, speed_walking in their system) so if your device automatically applies a different category (some devices do this) then CityStrides will ignore it. I can’t recall what people do to work around this…

Being a supporter or not shouldn’t affect any of this, outside of potential delays for non-supporters (but nothing on the scale of days). Most of that delay is shown in the Status page (linked from the top right menu in the site).

Alright, that does answer plenty of stuff.
My profile: Sofia - CityStrides and the dates where not all activities have been synced are March 11, 12, 13, and 14th.
All these days have activities set as Walking or running, but the walks are recorded as “other” and then changed manually, which is probably the workaround others have used as well. Older activities that have been changed manually have synced without issue when I went to manually sync them, they don’t seem to sync automatically like my runs do (probably because they get saved as “other” first.)

Thank you for responding!