Garbage Activities

I was looking at my old “runs”, and I noticed that there is a lot of crap data. Since I recorded data in Google Fit, and them moved it to Garmin Connect, and then to Strava, some of my runs have zero miles and no map associated with the activity. As an example, look at CityStrides There are a lot more just like this one.

I suspect that these spurious activities are due to the various paths and conversions it took to get the data to you. But they take up space on your server. (And result in a bogus activity count of 4993 since 2017. This is obviously a crap piece of information. There’s no way I had 4993 discrete activities in four years.)

Is there any way for you to remove any activity that doesn’t have a map associated with it? If there’s no map associated with an activity, then it obviously doesn’t affect our LifeMap or progress on the various cities. And it would save you some server space and make your recalculations of account information faster since you wouldn’t have to go through as much data. (Assuming that it’s not only my account with a whole bunch of bogus activities listed.)

Just a thought to help you keep things cleaner and run more efficiently.