Fleeing from the undead

Somewhat inspired by a recent post referencing parkrun, I’m also interested to know if anyone else in the CityStrides community is also a ‘Zombies, Run!’ user (like me).

I use Strava as my primary record of gps data, running stats etc., but for running motivation it is the story based intrigue of ZR that really made me into a regular runner.

Anyone else from Abel Township here? Or even New Canton?


Another Runner Five here!
Zombies Run encourages me out the door to go on a run or walk and Citystrides motivates me to explore new streets.

I used to play it for a few years and used to be a real help to get back in the running mood when my shape was really bad after an accident. Similar to CityStrides, it helps making running (more) addictive and wants you get out there and reach a certain goal/mission. I strongly recommend it to people interested in starting to run.

But after season 4, I think, the story became a bit too farfetched and I gave up on it. At that time there seemed to be a lot of focus on events and merch en less on the actual content nor the base building mini game which seemed fun in the beginning.

Now I’m just listening to audiobooks.