Flag as... multiple choices


Would be nice with more options to tick when flagging instead of having to write a reason

Instead of “This is not a street and needs to be deleted” perhaps something like this

This is a building and needs to be deleted
This is a river/lake and needs to be deleted
This is a freeway/rail track and needs to be deleted
This is a beach/park/forest/resort and needs to be deleted

I have one city with 689 streets. 83 of these alone was Novo Nordisk buildings. In total i could flag at least 200 streets. Makes it a little easier to flag correctly.

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I’m not really psyched about the whole flagging system… I need to take a fresh look at the whole problem.

In the meantime…
Feel free to ignore the comment field. I believe the default option is to flag as something that needs to be deleted. Many times it’s obvious from the name alone - when it appears in the flagged street UI - that the thing needs to be deleted.

Thanks for helping out with this!!



Not sure what kind of workload your looking at but perhaps some sort of people powered research (like zooniverse.org) where users here can help confirm flagged streets.

Something like 3 months memberships and/or 300 streets completed to become “mod”

Two independent confirms automatically delete the street.

I have probably flagged at least 500 “streets” in my closest citys. and wouldn’t mind spend a little time doing some cleaning in other citys, if this could help.



I’ve had that exact same idea, and I’d be happy to help confirm flagged streets.