Fixing maps - newbie question

In the couple of months that I’ve been using CityStrides, I’ve noticed a few inaccuracies in the map. Nothing major, but some nodes that are off. For example, there is one road that is blocked by a locked gate, but the last node in CityStrides is beyond the gate, meaning I’d have to jump a fence and trespass on government property to access it. In another case, a road ends in a dead end, but the last node is all the way up at the top of a person’s driveway. I’ve come across a couple of new roads that aren’t on CityStrides yet. And one other case where the road is misplaced, i.e. it’s 50 or 100 feet from where it actually is, meaning the nodes are hard to hit.

From reading some threads here, I’m trying to figure out if these are things I can fix myself. Should I be creating an account on OpenStreetMap and making these changes there myself? Obviously I haven’t done that yet, so I don’t know how. Is it easy enough for an idiot like me to figure out how to change a map?


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Hi Bob, these are things you can try editing yourself in openstreetmap.
Here’s a guide that can help you get started: OSM Basics

I thought the same when signing up for an OSM account, but they have a great editing tutorial to go through and its really worth doing. Shows you so much.

Start small and soon you will be enjoying the thrill of editing OSM and helping the map become better

Thanks guys. I created an account and made my first changes. I think I did everything correctly. So what now? I clicked Save, and I think I’m done. Do I have to do anything to make CityStrides sync with it? Or does that eventually happen on its own? Thanks…

City updates are roughly every 2-4 weeks. That will then update your change from OSM.

If you go to your settings > notifications, you can select the city you have made a change then you will get an alert when its updated.