Fixed zoom in activity view

One of my favorite things about CS is going through the list of completed streets after a run to make sure I didn’t miss any nodes (and to admire my haul, off course :grin:). The close-up zoom when selecting individual streets is a bit frustrating though since it means having to zoom out for every street. As all this happens in the context of the activity, it would be really nice to just stay with the activity view zoom instead, the nodes already highlight the selected street clearly.

I get what you’re saying as I’ve felt frustrated with that as well… however, in some cases when I thought I might have completed a street and it just says it was progressed, it is nice to see that while I might have completed that street in subdivision A, it also reappears again in subdivisions B and C. So, for me, I can see the usefulness of both.

If you’re browsing through streets, clicking each of them should automatically zoom/pan you to exactly that street - you shouldn’t have to manually adjust the map to click through each street.

Can you speak a bit more about the zooming out that you’re doing? I’d like to understand your workflow/process a bit more. I’m sure, based on my description of the expected usage, that I’m not understanding the actual usage. :grimacing: :laughing:

The zoom/pan is actually what I find frustrating. It’s probably easiest if I just show an example of a typical interaction:

  1. view activity
  2. click on street, the map view zooms in to the point of removing any context from the street
  3. zoom out until I can see where the street is in the city and how it fits in the run (I usually also close the text box, since it tends to hide the nodes)
  4. repeat steps 2. and 3. until I’ve viewed all the streets I covered/progressed.

The example is a very short street where the effect is most pronounced, it’s admittedly not as much of an issue for longer streets. For completed streets, it’s mostly an annoyance, but it makes trying to find the one street I just missed a node on amongst the list of progressed streets a hassle, mainly because the pan/zoom slows things down a lot (that list can be pretty long).

I feel bad complaining about the UX in an otherwise excellent feature, but it does annoy me every single time, so I thought I should mention it :sweat_smile: :grimacing:.

I’d be interested to hear what other users think (and how others use the feature, maybe it’s just me being weird). @rus.golden also raises a good point regarding duplicated street names, so that would also have to be accommodated somehow.

Oh, don’t feel bad - I want to get this “right” (most usable).

It’s step 3 that I don’t fully comprehend, yet. I think that in my own testing, the streets have always fit nicely on the screen - so I haven’t had to zoom out, because I haven’t had cases where the overall street is larger than the zoomed/panned view of its nodes. :thinking:
Now I feel bad, because I’m still not completely understanding the problem - even with your detailed screenshots. :man_facepalming: :grimacing:

You mention that the pop up is a pain, as well - I could redesign the progressed/completed lists to be more like the Street list on the city page (with the View and Go buttons).

The street always fits nicely on the screen, I’ve also never encountered one where the zoom cuts out part of it. If anything, it works too well :laughing:. Sorry for not managing a clearer explanation, let me try again :sweat_smile:.

The issue for me is that in the activity view I want to see how streets relate to the activity. Seeing only a street doesn’t give me any useful information in that context. In my example, Batkagasse takes up the whole screen, showing me only that it exists and that I ran there. I want to see the area around and beyond the street as well, so I can see where it fits in the city/activity.

To put it differently: if we have a zoom scale 1-10, where 1 is “whole city”, 10 is “only this one street”, and the activity is at level 5, my request is that clicking on the individual streets shows them at level 5 (or thereabouts) as well, regardless of what level would be ideal to fit them on the screen. The cherry on top of the cake would be to have the streets ordered in the sequence in which they were completed/progressed during the run. :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

The pop-up itself is nice, but it seems to cover the nodes quite often. Maybe it would be possible to move the default location to the corner of the screen?

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I get it, and can relate. I am not that irritated by the zooming in on the street i clicked. But i also would like the zoom function to stay on the whole run even when i click a completed of progressed street, and streets in running order would be a real cherry on top of the cake. I can zoom in myself if i need more detail.

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Alright, fixed zoom is released!
Let me know if I did it right :grimacing: and if it all looks good I’ll close this thread. :+1:

// @rus.golden @petje


Works for me from the activity view! Thanks!

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Thank you, love it! The new layout and having completed streets excluded from the progressed list makes everything much more tidy. :+1:

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One thing I really don’t like about this new behavior is that longer streets are not completely visible when clicking the ‘View’ button.

For example, when viewing this activity … click the ‘View’ button for Carroll Street (in the Streets Progressed list). From that view, it looks like Carroll Street should be marked as complete. You have to zoom out, though, to see that it actually continues on the other side of Prospect Park.

:thinking: I don’t really like that. How do others feel?

Update: since this is closed, no more replies are accepted - you can just message me directly fi you’d like to share your opinion.
I think I’m going to rework it a little bit so that when you click “View” it just displays the nodes for the street without zooming, but then it also changes the text from “View” to “Zoom” & clicking the button again will zoom out so you can view the actual full street … I really hate this “fixed zoom” setup. :laughing:

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