Fix: Weather data is back

I had to stop adding weather data to activities a while back because the process was too heavy on the database. I’ve cleaned that process up, so weather will start appearing in the site again.

I’ve only re-added this ability for people on a recurring monthly contribution. I need to work through a lot of data, and can’t afford to do this for all users right away.

If I can figure out a way to open this up to everyone in the site, I will.

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Hi James

I am not sure that weather is very interesting for people. Like shoes weather is also present on my Runkeeper diary. So O only look at the profile/run’s to see if i hit all the nodes :slight_smile:
I am most interested in features wich are not present in Runkeeper.
The most beautiful are the lines around the city/community and the cumulative effect.
Yesterday i run 30%+ of Amsterdam and that gives a kick as I am the first to reach that goal:-)
I could see ther are 607


Agreed. It’s of little interest to me.

Edit: Ha ha, didn’t realize that was two years old… I thought May 18th of this year, not May 18, 2018!