Fix: Completed Streets now match the right Activity

Before, a completed street was associated with the first activity that touched it. :disappointed:

Now, a completed street will be associated with the last activity that touches it. :smile:

I also went through the existing completed streets to re-associated those to the latest activity.

This has a little odd side effect where you might see a completed street move to a later activity. This is because the site might have marked it as complete (you finished more than 90% of it), but then you ran a little bit more of the street later on.

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Thank you for the clarification on what constitutes a completed street, (90%). :thumbsup:

Thanks for the fix !

I noticed my feed no longer shows completed streets in green…is that intentional?

Yeah, it is - for now, anyway.

It was killing page load for some people, so I had to simplify that display. :disappointed: