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After running 10+ cities to 100% as the first to do so in citystrides, i slowly see others going to 100%. And of course i want to be recognized for being the first to reach 100 in each of those cities. Is there nowadays a way for me and others to see that i did reach 100% without manual completions and on what date i achieved this?

I’ve thought about this in the past during discussions about badges/trophies and it would be complicated because cities are living things, which may or may not be entirely recapitulated by OSM. For instance, I’m running in Lisbon, Portugal which is massive, and I’m always noting small inaccuracies from what I planned on my route based on OSM - a missing street, a connection that didn’t exist on the map which does in real life (or vice versa), or even entirely new roads which rarely but do happen. So you get to 100% first, but then the OSM updated and there’s a new road you didn’t run before but someone else, perhaps the person who updated the OSM with the new data, did! Who is now the “First to reach 100%” ?

I think in the end, you need to be satisfied with the knowledge that it was you by your own classification :slight_smile:


I have followed the badge trophy discussion.
But i guess my idea is the following.

The whole citystrides is based on the existing openstreetmap ‘streets’ content per city, based on the filtering James has build in.
On any given point the imported streets are a given, and that is the 100% goal for each city.
When one person runs all those streets existing in OSM/CS at a given moment, there is an exact an ligitimate 100% achieved within the context of this concept. At that moment that person could get a recognition and timestamp when 100% was achieved, and of course that is then on the basis of the total streets known at that moment.

If on a later moment someone thinks to make new streets in OSM, that’s fine. imho the moment described above is still a valid and legitimate 100% achievement as it was at that exact day and could be shown and recognized.

Personally, I agree with the points @kevincharlespels makes. Running an entire city is a sisyphus challenge.

What would occur when a person reaches 100%, a new OSM update comes in that bumps that person from 100% but then the person completes the new changes and gets back to 100%? Would this get them another timestamp? That could mean new timestamps every ~5 weeks (rough time of when new city updates are made).

Would there be disqualifiers to get this timestamp? ie only those with zero streets manually completed? That could create an unfair technology divide. Ex: Runner #1 in a city with large buildings is not able to complete certain streets via GPS recording because GPS wobble caused by buildings; so they mark as manually completed. Runner #2 has a better recording device and is able to get a good enough GPS recording to have the street completed by GPS. Runner #1 completed the street a year before Runner #2. Should Runner #1 not be considered the first to complete the street/city?

Or even more drastic of an example, what if a runner doesn’t have a GPS recording device? They use a paper map during the run and then afterwards mark them as manually complete via website?

P.S. This should likely be merged into this topic as this doesn’t really fit in ‘Support’ category as it would be a new feature; so better in ‘Ideas’ category. In addition that topic already has gotten the ball rolling on thinking out the idea.

The recognition is only once for the first person to complete 100% without manuals. There is 1 and only one point in time that any runner will complete and get 100% for that moment and could be recognized with a first to reach 100% ‘ever’. Anyone later than that moment won’t be the first 100% for that city. And in practise we are talking 1 or 2 streets a year are added. At least where i run.

People who don’t have good gps have the (imho) legiitimate option to correct to gps line to the one they actually ran!. it’more the truth compared to some wobble gps line through a dense skycraper lane or close grown forest.

So in short the recognition is for the one to ever get 100% clean at a given moment in time, and everything after that is secondary

I am not certain about this, but my impression has been that if multiple striders are at a given percentage completion for a city, they are sorted by the order in which they achieved that percentage.

It would be possible to work around the small changes in streetcount from updates by having some sort of buffer for the first to complete badge. For example, the badge would remain as long as the change in streetcount stays within 1-2% of the city total at completion, or some other formula. This could work for mature, well mapped cities.

For locations where someone is mapping/naming streets as they run the streetcount would increase fast, so it makes sense that the badge resets often.

The easiest solution would be to add a :1st_place_medal: to your username :slight_smile: .

Blockquote I am not certain about this, but my impression has been that if multiple striders are at a given percentage completion for a city, they are sorted by the order in which they achieved that percentage.

Above is true, but when i am the first to complete (runner A), and say a month later a second runner (B) has also 100%. A day later a new street is added and B runs that the day after. He could go and shout to the world that he is the only one having done 100% of this city. Even if A runs that street a few days later. The fact is/was that A had 100% when the city was complete and he was the first to do so.

And since i have put amazing lots of efforts to be the first to run all the cities around here, i want objective recognition i can point to and not some 'he says, she says discussions about it later because someone else tries to ‘steal’ the prize…

In my un-scientific testing (ie looking at a city that I know the order of the three who completed it based on most recent OSM update), it’s going based off completion percentage and then total streets completed per user.

Counterexamples to that theory are Somerville MA and Cambridge MA, for the 100%-ers.


Hmm… a worthy opponent/science-er. Your science is strong and undeniable. Need more science to uncover the truth! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I plan on counting myself among the cambridge 100%ers after my glorious return to the Boston Metro Area next week!

I had presented something similar, in the form of an idea, here: First, second, third, etc. city completion badge

Obviously, I like the idea.

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Yep, looks like the exact same discussion, how could i have missed that one

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