First post - Both an appreciation, and an accomplishment

Hi CityStrides,

First off, I want to congratulate and thank James and everyone else who have made, and continue to make, this site amazing. I’ve read through a lot of the forums and can see how much work people have put into it.

A year and a half ago, I made a very extensive to-do list to get my life in order which ended up in an organized wall of sticky notes. It was comprised mostly of chores and tasks, but included many things that were simply fun, or just for me. One of these items was to create a running map and start running each and every road near me. Originally, I thought I would purchase a hard copy map and use a sharpie to mark all the roads I had run.

Fast forward to this past November, when I actually began running more often. I’m not really a runner - I’m a rugby player (but also dabble in other sports), and when sports were canceled, I decided to start a fitness challenge with some of the boys on my teams, and the easiest way to track all of our runs was through Strava. I quickly realized that Strava was an easy way to plan my routes, and I started to run different routes. In early January I stumbled upon this site and was thrilled to see how many other people have had the same idea!

Well, today - two and half months and 200km later - I finished Sidney BC, Canada! 100% with no edits, and not just the nodes but all the of the streets fully run. I know it’s relatively small, but I’m still pretty excited.

So again, I just wanted to say what an awesome site this is and thank you!