Finding Highest (Street) Density Areas of Cities

Not all streets are created equal; some major municipal thoroughfares have 1,000+ nodes stretching for 10km+, while some named alleys & lanes have 2 nodes and are 100m long.

I’m curious if anyone has any working strategies for locating areas within their cities that offer relatively higher unique street density? For me some options include:

  • visibly identifying cul-de-sac rich neighbourhoods
  • scoping areas with streets non-parallel to major grid where there is increased likelihood of word-based naming (instead of numbered streets, which tend to be long)
  • finding corners of city maps or peninsula-like city boundaries that will impose constraints on street length

I of course recognize that in the pursuit of 100% you’ve gotta do it all one way or another, but am nonetheless interested in Striders street-seeking strats.

I’m unsure about making a real “idea” suggestion of having area-identification functionality on CityStrides… seems like a very complex process to move to variable 2D area calcs from current 1D street logic.

Anyways, curious about thoughts/suggestions/ideas/conversation around this.