Filter LifeMap to only show activities within a city

I don’t know if this has been proposed before but I couldn’t find this idea in the forum. when I consult a city, I see my runs from the city and from the other cities that are bordering. could we only see the races of the city consulted?


I don’t have a way of knowing whether an activity was for a race or not, so I can’t filter the map view for races (without adding some kind of tagging system and requiring that people tag every activity).

As far as filtering all the activities only within a city … That code is used in the LifeMap Poster page, but it can be very slow and therefore not usable in an interactive map. I do need to improve this, anyway, so if/when I do get it to the point where it can be interactive I’d love to add it as functionality within the site.

Thank you for your reply.
Sorry for my bad English, I did not want to talk about filtering race but all activities in a city, sorry for the mistake.
I will take a look to Lifemap Poster.
Thank you!