Fenix / Garmin 'on watch' Navigation not Syncing - any ideas?

I do a fair amount of running from a pre-loaded route loaded to my watch, the only problem with this is, that a run done against a course navigation route on Garmin seems to upload as a ‘workout’ and thus doesn’t import to City Strides.

I used to sync via Strava, but now via the Garmin link, I’ve tried most iterations of:

  • Pausing syncing in Strava, then running, changing the workout type to run, then syncing no longer works
  • Using garmin to upload - doing the same thing for Garmin, pause syncing, change type of run before allowing the upload
  • In the recent past I’ve been able to get round this by exporting the GPX from Garmin Connect or Strava and then uploading into mapmyrun, but this has now stopped working

Any ideas? might well be just be being dense, but I can’t see any forum entries relating to this, or that help resolving the missing entries - if I go for a run based on route from my phone, how can I reliably get the data imported into city strides?



All of my runs on Garmin use routes and sync just fine.

Step One: Create a route and send it to your watch

Step Two: Initiate a run activity. Do NOT press start (the top right button)

Step Three: Load a route. Press the middle left button. Select route with the top right button. (If it’s not the first choice, use the left buttons to go through the menu options.) Find the course you want to run by scrolling through the courses on your watch. Select it with the top right button. Then press the top right button AGAIN selecting Do Course. (You can also do it in reverse, see it on a map, delete it, etc.)

Step Four: Wait for the top of the map to turn green, indicating that you’ve got a GPS lock.

Step Five: NOW start the run by pressing the top right button. It will come across as a run and show up on City Strides just fine.

Thanks very much - I’ve always gone into it from the ‘Navigation’ menu pinned to the main ‘start activity’ menu which evidently doesn’t then quite know how to categorise it, didn’t know I could access it once a run had been started!

Thanks - it’s been bugging me for ages!!

HI Tom and Fredrik,

Thanks, this info is really helpful. I have some missing runs, and I’m pretty sure I was using ‘Navigation’ like Tom was. Now I know to use the steps Fredrik provided instead.

My question is - do you know of any way for me to load those already existing ‘Navigation’ runs to CityStrides? (maybe by editing them or converting them somehow?)


Hi Michael, the only way I’d managed to get those kind of runs into my city strides was to export them from Strava or Garmin to a GPX and then to upload them to a separate account on mapmyfitness, which seemed not to interrogate the workout type in the same way. It was the fact that I’d had a couple of known runs from six weeks ago that stubbornly refused to import in this way that were really annoying me that prompted me to add the question in the first place - randomly, having given up on them, and at least knowing how to avoid it for future runs these last couple have now uploaded in the last couple of days without me doing anything additional…