Favorite maps of 2020

Like many of you, I discovered CityStrides during the pandemic as a way to stay active and motivated without any real life races to train for. I also switched continents, and thus strode some very interesting and disparate terrain (rural/urban, flat/hilly, paved/unpaved/downright dangerous) in both USA and Portugal. I thought I’d share my maps from where I ran the most, feel free to share yours as well!

100% Brookline, MA, USA

98% Cambridge, MA, USA (Refused to run on the Concord Turnpike, and some roads near MIT are under construction and inaccessible)

100% Benfica, Lisboa, Portugal

100%* Sardoal, Sardoal, Portugal (my OSM project - been updating this rural area like crazy for the past few months)

18% Castro Marim, Algarve, Portugal (I didn’t get a high percentage done in the 2 weeks I was here, but I thought the map was cool with my run out to the jetty on the international border!)

I am guessing we have run by each other a few times, I am making my way through Brookline now:

Currently at 60%+

My favorite map of 2020 was being the first to complete my hometown of Portsmouth, NH as I raced 2 other striders who each run much faster than me (10-12 Min/Miles vs 6-7 min/miles). They were traveling from a town over and I live here so I think the speed vs the accessibility evened out and I won (one strider finished the day after me, and the other 4 or 5 days after).

I also have finished Kittery, Maine. Right now it shows 75%, but I have run 100% of it and am waiting on OSM updates (plus I do need to re-run a single road where my GPS screwed up and had me a little bit off of the road). This was fun because despite living next to Kittery I had never really explored it. It has a lot of rural areas and TONS of no tresspassing/gated streets that needed to be corrected in OSM, so I feel like I was also providing a service. I even met another OSM Maine mapper and learned a lot about how to properly mark roads that are private but accessible vs private and not accessible according to Maine law.


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Oh also, thank you city strides of getting me to change up my routes, I had been running the same 3 or 4 routes for the last 5 years and my lifemap shows it, here is Boston:


Was never planning on doing all of Boston, but the pandemic changed that. 99.84% No manually completed streets. One “street” at the airport which is unrunnable, one street completed after OSM updates, but not moved to the completed column, and 5 scattered streets left that I’ll eventually get to. I’m also working on filling that hole that is Brookline.


That’s unreal! I had ruled out trying to do all of Boston because of the sheer size and inconvenience, but clearly I need to be more ambitious in 2021

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My map of Brussels as of the end of 2020
I completed 4452 out of 5519 streets (80.67%). That’s almost 40% of streets I ran anywhere in the world :slight_smile:
Brussels consists of 19 municipalities (communes). I have 4/19 communes with 100% competed streets, and another 6/19 with 99%+ (the missing streets being private and not accessible).

I wish you a successful new year in terms of the number of streets completed and in other aspects of running and life beyond it :slight_smile:!


Now i can’t resist, not showing my progress of 2020. A few years ago i used CS to make my long training runs bearable, and then it became a goal in itself. First my homecity, then all the cities around. Now i am aiming for the south part of the province, and use the country border as my goal! :slightly_smiling_face:

Last year i started to aim for a fairly large city to the north (Sittard-Geleen). I had a great year pursuing this one. Great runs, interesting views and a lot of nice sunrises.

This took me 760 km in 67 runs, averaging 11,34 km per run/1,99 streets per km/22 streets per run

Next week i finish the next smaller city south west of it (Stein):

And 2021 will be Meerssen en Valkenburg for sure. I am doubting doing the last 4 cities missing after finishing those: Gulpen-Wittem/Vaals/Eijsden-Margraten/Maastricht. Far to drive to, lot’s of tracks, trails and long very hilly roads.


@jason, that’s very impressive. I had to open Boston to see that a) There are 4422 streets, and b) Already one Strider with 100%, and others like you, with very high numbers. Well done!

PS. You have a very impressive street count too!

[edit] Just looked at more maps of others! I am not worthy, but I’m trying.

Oh, and if I had to toss one in the mix, it would be the massive Keller, TX with 987 streets. And this was my first year with CS too. OK, one for a smile. Second favorite is Lipan, TX with a massive 23 streets!

Forgot to add the screen shot of Keller… Fixed.


I’ve got 100% of Cambridge and Somerville MA:

and fringes of other nearby towns.

@kevincharlespels, I actually snagged Concord Turnpike early on a Sunday morning, right after the pandemic started, and there was almost no traffic. Looks like it was later removed, presumably because it got (correctly) marked as a highway, so that’s no longer one of your incomplete.

An OSM update did add several streets, including ones in Mt. Auburn Cemetery (where running is not allowed, but I walked them and counted it as a run).


Thanks @ericjrw! You have some good looking maps as well. I’ve been using CS for almost 6 years now and I’m a bit addicted, hence the high street count. Also, I’ve been furloughed/unemployed since April so I’ve had some extra time on my hands, fortunately or unfortunately. Keep up the good work!

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That was my OSM update, I tried to run it twice and decided it wasn’t safe even though others had done it :sweat_smile: Yeah I moved from MA in July, and back then the Mt Auburn Cemetery still had really restricted hours because of COVID (& no running) so those remaining streets of Cambridge have to wait til my next visit.

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