Exclude walks


I would like to suggest an option (checkbox) under “Settings” that would allow users to exclude walks from being imported into CityStrides from Strava.

I would like to record my walks in Strava but only want my running activities to contribute to me “running” every street.


I’d almost like to do the opposite, at least from a map view setting (definitely not from a street counting stat).

One of the cool things early on in CS was seeing places I’ve been before on the map. A restaurant I walked to downtown, a park, a marathon etc. And it still is, but now as I’ve colored in entire cities via running it covers up all of those destinations with a massive purple blotch ~10x10 miles. There’s really no good way to get back to that pristine look, since CS would never know which of my activities were me living and doing things (aka notable events) and which were purely out of city domination, but hiding all of my runs might be somewhat of a start to see some of those strolls downtown or at a flea market since I don’t go walking to complete cities.