Essex County running featured on News 12 New Jersey, August 16, 2023

Fun “on the run” interview …


Nice segment Chris! Its funny how similar the experiences those of us that have done this a long time have.

On a related note because I saw you are using handwritten directions.
Highly recommend building routes and sending them to a watch for turn by turn direction. Getting an updated Garmin with maps was one of the best investments in run mapping I’ve made. No more trying to remember it or constantly pulling out my phone to check where I’ve been. Watch will show my route, where i’ve been so far, how far to the next turn. I just prebuild a bunch of routes and send them to my watch when I need them.

Thanks, Dallas. I’ll keep route building for the watch in mind, but for now I’m okay with my low-tech way of navigating neighborhoods.

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Good luck with your Jersey quest! To each their own :slight_smile: its obviously working for you so far!