Elevation total in City Statistics

Thank you for adding the statistics of how many activities and miles contribute to a city! It is awesome. Could you please add the total elevation as well? Some of the cities I run are super hilly, and I would love to see how any feet I climbed while completing the city!


Cool idea. I’m in Seattle for a wedding, and a little striding, and it would be interesting to know this stat.

I’m not aware of this data (elevation) being in Open Street Map, but if it is there, its a possibility.

I also need to check my Garmin data to see if it’s there.

Yeah, Garmin (and I am guessing the other services) track it. Either from an altimeter on the watch itself or from the maps. I am guessing almost all activities have it.

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The data in OpenStreetMap doesn’t include elevation, and I don’t store elevation on activity records. I don’t, currently, have any way of showing this data because I don’t have it.

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I think this is hard to pull from say Garmin too. Because every watch is different. I know one of my friends always has issues with her altimeter and it will say crazy reading like 100k elevation gain.


Ahh, okay thanks. Is it generally available on most/all activities you process? Or hit and miss depending on the service you pull from?