Eager to start striding again!

The last time I completed a street was nearly five months ago. It was memorable for many reasons:

  • It was Christmas Day
  • It was 15 degrees (F)
  • I got a stress fracture in my fibula :face_holding_back_tears:

Since then, I’ve slowly but steadily recovered, progressing from very limited walking (in a protective boot), to longer walks, then a bit of running interspersed with walking, etc. While recovering, I’ve watch my CityStrides rank plummet! (I honestly don’t mind; I’m excited to see the site being so popular.)

Tomorrow, I will return to the “scene of the crime” and start striding the same neighborhood again. I’m so excited to be striding again, I just had to tell some folks who will understand. :smiley:


Welcome back and congrats on your recovery…Get back on the horse (carefully)!

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Great news! Glad you are fully recovered from your injury and can start striding again.

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Totally understand! I didn’t realise quite how much the bug I was coming down with in March had hit me, went for a long walk, hydrated but didn’t eat as I wasn’t hungry and for the first time ever had an issue with my blood sugar and passed out. Thankfully I had got myself to a place where I could hear people and was found pretty quickly. Slightly battered and bruised with bent and scratched glasses but thankfully not much other damage. It took me well over a month to be able to get out again and then I was cautious and still not quite back to full fitness. I missed it just in that short time so I can completely empathise and sympathise with you! Enjoy your return to fitness but take it easy.

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