Duplicated City

The city Kluczbork is duplicated. Once as the city (gmina Kluczbork) and twice as region (rejon kluczborski). The problem is that the streets are also duplicated. That means one street exists three times. On my last run I completed 77 streets but I run only about 25 streets. Is there any way to exclude the city from the region?
Also the region kluczborski exists under 2 different names (wojewodztwo opolskie/slaskie). But it is the same region.

If you can share link to the city/region pages for each of those @JamesChevalier can take a look at it.


City Kluczbork

Region Kluczborski - wojewodztwo opolskie

Region Kluczborski - wojewodztwo slaskie

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OK, it looks to me like these two are complete duplicates:

Can you clarify which of these two is wrong and should be deleted?

Then it looks like gmina Kluczbork, wojew├│dztwo opolskie - CityStrides should be marked as being nested within Rejon kluczborski. That will resolve the duplicate streets issue, but still allow you to complete just that city.

Rejon kluczborski, wojew├│dztwo ┼Ťl─ůskie - CityStrides (wojew├│dztwo ┼Ťl─ůskie, Polska) is wrong and should be deleted.

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