Duplicate unimported activities

This might be a bit strange, but it appears that the same Strava Activity shows up twice on my “to be imported” list. I know that dropping one won’t help all that much from the list of activities to import, but is it possible that this is happening to other people than me? If so, it might result in a less efficient import process as CityStrides attempts to import the same activity twice.

Profile: Fredrik Coulter - CityStrides

Unimported activities:
https://www.strava.com/activities/3295741024 (once on list)
https://www.strava.com/activities/3288896800 (twice on list)

I’ve seen that before, I think its from updating the activity but not positive.

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Some possibilities:

  • this status page is something that I’ve hacked together that isn’t supposed to be done, with one of the caveats being that some queued jobs will be returned twice … so this may be nothing
  • there’s some report in Redirecting to Google Groups about Strava sending multiple webhooks for a single activity

The update and delete webhooks don’t go into the place that’s being counted/displayed on status.

Let’s wait and see if that activity is duplicated in CityStrides, post-sync.

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The duplicates were imported, and they imported as two separate (duplicate) activities. I hope this was a one off and not something that’s adding to the backlog.

BTW, I’m now up to date.

The same happened to me. Can I delete one of the duplicates, or will that delete both?

You can delete one. I’d suggest picking the one that displays fewer completed/progressed streets, if that’s a factor.

Bad news.

Today’s run was imported twice from Strava. I don’t mind the double import since it just adds to the list of activities; it doesn’t screw up my map or the completion percentages. However, that means that probably one of those very valuable Strava API calls was wasted downloading the same activity a second time. (Two if the duplication is happening on Strava’s side.)

Here’s the link to one of the two activities: Fredrik Coulter's Activity on April 17, 2020 - CityStrides . From this you should be able to go to my profile and then to the other activity.

Hrm. They must be sending duplicate webhooks.
You can delete the activity that has no progressed/completed streets.

That’s what I was thinking… Seem to recall reading that too.

First thing I do, in Strava after a run, is to set which shoes I wore. I seem to recall reading that this will generate another entry in the queue. I hate to think that this is also another API call.

Been trying to come up with a workaround, but can’t think of a way to do that.

Since I’m going Garmin Forerunner → phone, via Bluetooth, I can’t turn BT off. I don’t think turning off WiFi (on the phone) would work either (Strava app needs WiFi* so it can get my activity from Garmin, so I can edit), but I haven’t tried. I would also have to remember to turn off WiFi first, before I run, and before watch and phone are back in range.

Trying to look at deleting from queue, but can’t seem to find. Not sure if it matters, since the activity number is the same (?), and I wouldn’t want to, unless it was just one.

‘*’ Or cellular data, so maybe airplane mode with BT on? I think I still need the sync before one can edit though. Need to test.

Just thought of something else…

I do occasionally see my “bike rides” in the queue. Those would be good candidates for deletion.