Duplicate cities in Japan

Thank you so much @JamesChevalier. This is the update I have been waiting for! :smiley: Very happy to see the Sydney districts in the site finally, and now I can start really using it to get my numbers up, instead of just guessing and doing my best.

Not sure where best to add ‘errors’, but I did notice that there’s a duplicate city, in Toyooka, Japan:

Only spotted as I ran 3.05% of it when I was on holiday a couple of years ago!

I noticed same for Tokyo.
2 lications, bith 27 streets!

oh yeah CityStrides and 西東京市, 東京都 - CityStrides

it looks like it’s a question of whether Tokyo is in CityStrides or 東京都, 日本 - CityStrides

I think it should be in region 476, on the basis of that one having approximately the right number of subdivisions (and also being located in Japan).

The bigger issue, in my mind, is that both 133324 and 89201 show only 27 streets. It seems like most of the streets don’t have names and are tagged as “highway unclassified” in OSM and were missed in the import. Google maps also shows most streets with no names, with only bigger streets having names, and addresses based on blocks. Can someone familiar with Japan/Tokyo confirm that this is how it works? I don’t know how it is possible to reconcile that with citystrides, which relies on streets having names. Until a solition is found, Tokyo will probably be the only megacity where 100% is achievable :joy:

Both of those regions are in Japan - there’s just a map display glitch on the Region page itself. If you click “View on Map” for any of those Cities, you’ll see them displayed in Japan.

I’m reminded of one of Derek Sivers’ posts that talks about how sometimes the exact opposite of something is also true. It’s a great read on its own, but also very relevant for CityStrides in Japan.

Perhaps CityStrides will never be big in Japan. :laughing:

Learned something new today, thanks for sharing that post!