Just when I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve reached all of the city that I can reach from my house to the south on a weekday morning (limiting my run to 50 minutes) and plan on running to the north, a tornado goes through my town, closing almost every road north of my house. Yes, I suppose I could run on those roads anyway, but I run before sunrise, and running full speed into a pile of debris isn’t fun. (I did just that during the 2004 hurricane season, and it took five minutes to find my glasses.)

So I ended up running one very small new sub-development that wasn’t blocked off, and then ran on roads I’ve already run. Oh well.

Hopefully they’ll clear the debris by next week so I can become productive again with my weekday runs. (Weekends aren’t a problem. With more time I can still reach those portions of the city that I can’t reach on weekdays.)

Oh, there was no damage to my house from the tornado. It’s amazing how narrow the actual damage path of a tornado is. But two blocks away… All we suffered from was running off the generator for a few hours, and no internet during that time. And a tiny half block pocket flood a block and a half the other way.

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Yikes! Sorry to hear of the tornado. Scary stuff - we’ve had a couple warnings around here recently (just warnings, though!)…