Different, Sustainable Goals In CityStrides?

I came across this post on Reddit:

There’s a section in there:

…Mileage is such an odd thing to chase. We are so data driven these days, strava, smart watches, garmin connect, citystrides, etc. With all these connections to other runners, it has only amplified our desire to run more and show that off…

This has me thinking about other potential goals that can come out of CityStrides beyond completing every street in your city. What comes after that? Is there a sustainable version of that?

If the obsessive extreme of running every street is a marathon every day until you’re finished… then what’s the inversion of that? Perhaps a scenario where the goal shifts from completion to maintenance - run and revisit streets at regular intervals, maintaining a healthy city coverage. Run a street too much or too little/never and it turns red - run it with relative frequency and it turns green?

Perhaps it’s a yearly reset/view, so the focus shifts a bit from total completion towards manageable improvements year over year (keeping the LifeMap for a larger more long term goal).

Perhaps it’s more in-city communities, where possible - route sharing, tips, meet ups, etc. This idea is nearly completely dependent on you all, though - if you don’t want it, it doesn’t matter how much I code to make it happen. :smile:

Do you have ideas on long term / sustainable / manageable goals that would keep you running, and not burn you out?


I would settle for a map of all red notes in my area.
I manually complete everything but roads, but i try to do them anyway, if it’s possible.
It’s a little silly, becuase it’s only bad data and it pretty random what’s included
Freeways, railroads, lakes and rivers are a little hard to do, but many buildings, park and forests are doable.
It’s not called offroadstrides or trespassingstrides for a reason :slight_smile:

When i’m done i’ll move on to other areas. Next goal will probably be to have run all cities in northern sealand or perhaps all neighbouring cities at minimum 10 % or something like that

Also a better leaderboard perhaps. Not sure how.
I’m at 68% in my city, a 39km² area with 736 “streets”.
Biggest municpal in Denmark is 1470 km² (1954 streets) smallest is 9 km² (548 streets), so it’s tough to compare

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I like your comment @hjkiddk

“It’s not called offroadstrides or trespassingstrides for a reason :slight_smile:

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It seems like an interesting idea to me. But I don’t think I could keep that kind of long term goal, nevertheless I would love to see it implemented maybe it will change my habits and give me new goals.

Here’s some ideas–I think improved leaderboards would be the best way to motivate those of us that have completed all of the ‘easy’ streets.

-Ranking of the total # of streets run (fun for those of us that like to complete streets on vacations/business travel)
-Ranking of people who have run the greatest # of unique cities (threshold: completed 1 street)
-Ranking of people who have completed the most unique streets (streets where they are the only finisher)
-Ranking of the most popular streets in the database (the most # of finishers)

Also–similar to another post–a checkbox to turn on/off manual completions in all of the completion/ranking statistics. If one finishes a “manually completed” street it should override the manual completion.


BTW if there was a sample subset of the data available (such as vial github) I’m happy to write some python code to compute these kind of things.

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Maybe a big 2018 goal would be three different types statistics, and colours for walking running and cycling? Most apps record these 3 main types. So you could walk, run and cycle a city .

Further on i set my goals at other cities.

it would be great if you could see your progress in villages, municipalities, provinces and country for the Netherlands for instance

maintenance? I can see on my map that i have run streets more than 1 time

just my $ 0,02 :slight_smile:

I am now using Citystrides also to see/remember in which municipalities I have been.
So besides walking and running streets I nowadays put on Runkeeper too if i am in a ‘not visited place earlier’. That results in little spots on the map and many municipalities.
A longer term goal could be to have been in all cities/villages/municipalities in a region/province/country/worldpart etc.
So a hierachical scaling map would be nice.

for instance each with an other scalinng

  1. all streets in a city/municipality (as it is now)
  2. all cities/municipalities in a region/province/state (having been once in a city would be a green ‘node’)
  3. All cities in a country
  4. all cities in Europe/America/Asia etc
  5. world map all countries you have been (for instance Andorra :slight_smile: )
  6. all spots you have been in the world (as it is now)
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