Different completed street number from profile page and city page

I apparently messed a bit with my account: my profile page shows 1908 completed streets for Strasbourg, but only 1891 when I actually go on the city page.

This is because I have deleted some activities with bad GPS from strava/citystrides, corrected the GPS positions, and upload them back in strava/citystrides. The completed street number is now 0 where it was >0 before.

Example: “rue du 22 novembre” in Strasbourg that I have done many times is showed as incomplete since I’ve uploaded this corrected track Laurent Cambresy's activity on November 20, 2016 - CityStrides
Although the street is showed as incomplete, its nodes appear in blue, not red, on my map.
The attached image shows a snapshot of this same run before I made the GPS correction. The 6 completed streets have disappeared.
Should I just wait for a more general sync to occur?

everything is back to normal, thanks!