Difference between completed streets in "city overview" and in "city detail"


When I look at my city overview, I see I completed 47 streets in my city.

However when I click on the city, I see I completed 51.

This 51 is I think the right number because in my last run of today I indeed ran in 4 new streets.
Do I just have to wait a bit until both numbers are the same or is this a bug?

:thinking: That 47 count is cached, so I’d be curious if that’s still wrong or if it’s been corrected.
If it’s still wrong, then I’ll need to look into the places in the code that keep that number up to date.

Hopefully it was just wrong for a short amount of time - that could make sense, where the numbers could be out of sync until some processing finished.
This also could make sense with the issues that came up the other day. My host was having major issues, which caused a lot of processing slowness.