Destination Streets

Recently streets coded in Open Maps as “Destination” have changed from not getting tagged with nodes to getting nodes. As the definition of destination is "access allowed to get to a specific destination I don’t think there should be nodes.

The specific area I saw this in is the Brooklyn Navy Yard where you need a badge to get past the gates (so obviously you can’t run and get the streets). Look up W Way in Brooklyn as an example street where this is happening.

I’m trying to find the wiki page(s) for “destination” tags … I’ve come up with this so far: Key:destination - OpenStreetMap Wiki which doesn’t seem to match what you’re describing. Do you have a better link(s) that explain this tag?

The Key:access page is probable the best resource


I’m extremely hesitant to filter on this tag, based on my experience with these “no thru traffic” / “local traffic only” streets. In my personal experience, zero of the streets signed this way were enforceable as “private” in any capacity whatsoever.

Maybe there’s some other tag combination that would include Navy Yard land…

I remember the navy yard coming up in the discussion before: Fort Hamilton Army Base, Brooklyn

It sas changed from access=private (not in CS) to access=destination (included in CS) a couple of months ago. Change back to private?