Defining project areas larger than a city?

First, I want to thank James again for a really neat site!

Some of you may have noticed me with a lot of entries on the main leaderboard, as I’ve run many little towns near me. My goal is to run every road in my county since the nearest “city” to me is quite small. It’s approximately 600 square miles (the whole county, not the city) with about 2500 miles of roads.

I’ve been wondering if there could be a way to expand the scope of the project areas we are running, such as by county, state or region? It seems like custom areas could get messy, but counties or states seem like they could pull area definitions from similar sources as the city definitions?

I know very few people would choose to run larger regions like that, but I’ve found it to be very motivating and I’m closing in on completing my county within 6-10 months.


I support this as well. I’m doing most of my running outside of an incorporated city so there isn’t a list of streets that are showing up for my local area. County is still too big for me now but an “x” mile radius sounds good.

I agree as well, my main routes are located just outside the defined city lines. I am working on finishing my neighborhood of 127 different streets but they aren’t listed. Can still easily track it all with the map view but would like to see % progress.

I’m having similar issues with most of my routes being outside of the city. Other people have such a huge city it would be difficult to complete it. Zip codes would allow universal coverage of the most of the world while allowing small sections of the map to be worked.

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nice idea, in the case of the Netherlands it would be a province or the whole country

I would definitely like to see the ability to expand to both larger and smaller areas. Living in Baltimore City, I know I will never complete 100% of the city, but I would love to see it broken down by neighborhood (I could definitely complete a bunch of the neighborhoods in my section of the city). The ZIP code suggestion could be a similar solution that might be easier to implement, especially for cities that don’t have as distinct of neighborhoods as Baltimore.

I have completed the city I live in , but technically the zip code really defines the area more than city limits . I have begun to collect the streets that are still apart of the city/town but I miss the aspects of the city strides challenge seeing percentages and listing the streets still left to do. I think going forward in the future Zip codes would define a location more than city limits.
sort of unrelated to this thread but did any of you end up trespassing to collect any of your streets ? I was compelled to get all the nodes but wound up having to use private driveways and go through construction zones and past gates !!!

For that last half, don’t get in danger! If a node is on private territory, change OSM and for now do manual completion. It should not be a node in citystrides when it’s private, and upcoming updates from OSM will correct that.