Default towns

How does one add your town if it’s not in the default drop down? Is it possible to do this?

Thank you

On your main CS page (… Not community), top right pull down menu by your picture, then settings.

Thanks for responding. I’m actually to enter my town orange which is not part of the default of cities towns. How do I do that.

I thought that drop down list was a list of every city you’ve ever run in. If your city doesn’t appear on that list, are you sure you ran in it? Is it possible that the city doesn’t exist (as such) in CityStrides?


I probably run more streets in my town then any other town in CT. Actually 243 streets or so. Rumor has it there’s a way to manually enter your town. I just can’t seem to figure it out.


If your town does not come up in the CS search, then you need to see this: Adding a City to OpenStreetMap

If your city is in OSM, then at that link is the next step too.