CS is deleting Dębiecka Street for last 6 updates

As you can see on notifications Dębiecka Street in Poznań (Poland) was deleted every time. Never created. Something is wrong - either notification or collecting date about created/deleted streets.

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I see that happening for a few towns in my area as well. Such as Bailey Street in Stoughton. It has been trying to delete it for months…


I assumed it was something from the way it is feeding from OSM. It is right on the edge of two towns: Canton and Stoughton, Massachusetts. And I think that Bailey Street is actually in Canton but this little segment is being detected as in Stoughton? Maybe?

In any case, it causes me no grief so I ignore it! These things usually get corrected…eventually!

Ah … Here is what’s happening:

This section of the border: Relation: ‪Poznań‬ (‪165941‬) | OpenStreetMap
Has this Way that crosses the border: Way: ‪Dębiecka‬ (‪172349682‬) | OpenStreetMap
None of the Nodes of this Way exist within the city border, though.

The overpass response includes that linked Way record because it passes through the city border. The response does not include any of its nodes, though.

This causes the update process to initially create the street record. Later on in the update process, when it’s creating nodes for streets, it has nothing to create for this street. Then, even later on in the update process, it clears out any streets without nodes.